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In continuation to our drive to save money on hotel reservations, there are few more tips to save the cost on hotel reservations before you travel.

  • A number of hotels have additional prices and surcharges that are not declared in room tariffs and afterwards, these rates suddenly come up during departure. Confirm with the hotel that the room charges are the only thing you are paying for. Prior to your booking, do make it clear, and if at the time of checking-out you suddenly find the final cash memo with prices that you were not informed of, refuse to pay them.
  • If you possess an expiring frequent Fliers miles card, or you would just want to dispose of one, request the hotel if they can exchange the miles with any of their booking schemes. It is a wise idea to redeem frequent Flier miles for hotel accommodation.
  • Every so often, hotels offer free airport pick-up which you can use as haggling device. request for a free pickup when bargaining so you will get a little more even though you pay the full charge.
  • Charges have a tendency to get high as the best time of the year approaches. So if you are thinking of traveling during the peak season, every time call in early.
  • At times, regular fees are lower than weekend rates, or the contrary. Inquire the hotel by hand or ask a travel agent, if they offer these, accordingly you can plan your tour during these periods and will be able to benefit from these concessions.
  • All the time ask for an authentication number when you book a room, so that the hotel cannot say that they did not get your booking.