Denver Colorado Chiropractors For Shoulder Pain

You may be experiencing a general shoulder pain – a small but niggling and constant pain in your shoulder. Keep reading about Denver Colorado Chiropractors for shoulder pain. You may have no idea how it started, but it refuses to go away and you want to do something about it.

Causes of shoulder pain

It's no wonder people get shoulder pain. Think of all the actions your shoulders have to go through, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, and most of the time you never give them a second thought. Until they start to tell you that they've had enough or overdone things by feeling painful.​

It's no wonder that sometimes your shoulders feel painful. As shoulder joint is the most complex joint in the human body – it helps you to lift and stretch, it allows your arms to wave to other people, to carry heavy items, to push and pull weights, to reach out, to hang from high positions, to touch the floor, to throw and hit a ball, to lift buckets full of earth and to steer your car or bike.​

The shoulder helps your arm to travel through almost 360 degrees horizontally and through almost 360 degrees at every angle from the horizontal. It is a complex joint, tough and used to hard work. But, from time to time, repetitive activities, unusual movements, and over-use can cause the normally dependable shoulder to go wrong. Then you get a signal that there is a problem – your shoulder sends you a message – and it's a painful one!​

Reasons of shoulder pain

Get it Checked!

Acute injuries should always be treated as quickly as possible by a medical professional.​

  • If you have intense, severe pain in your shoulder
  • If your shoulder is swollen
  • If it is hot
  • If your shoulder is numb
  • If you can’t move or lift your arm

​You may need surgery if your shoulder is dislocated, if bones are broken or separated or if you have very deep tears in the rotator cuff. So, if you have any of these symptoms, don’t delay – see a doctor.

The good news is that you can help yourself

It's possible to learn how to become your own physiotherapist and really bring some relief to that nagging shoulder pain, possibly even eliminating it completely.​

Perhaps you have tried to relieve your pain by taking over-the-counter painkillers and only gained temporary relief. Perhaps you have used a small TENS machine from the chemist, to transmit a tiny electrical impulse into the center of pain. Or maybe you have tried to relieve your shoulder pain by magnetic means.​

Perhaps you have been given the advice to just rest your shoulder. Since the shoulder is involved in almost every action your body makes, you've probably realised that being given the advice to just rest is easier said than done. Even if you have managed to rest your shoulder for a while, its possible that the pain is less than it was, but is still there.​

You may have come to the conclusion, as many before have, that you get some relief from your shoulder pain by using a combination of gentle stretching and exercise. If there is one thing that medical professionals, sports trainers, athletes, sports stars and performance specialists agree on it is that chiropractic care must be the basis of lasting shoulder pain treatment.​

Professional chiropractors are trained and equipped to offer expertise in the analysis and treatment of muscular problems. Their fees can be economical and according to the severity of the problem, you may be recommended to have several sessions of treatment.

Denver Colorado Chiropractors For Shoulder Pain

Denver Colorado Chiropractors know that the body is very powerful at healing itself. This ability of the body to heal itself is the central focus of all that chiropractors do. Many of the problems that our bodies experience are caused by blockages in the communication system of our body. When our body is no longer able to communicate properly, it loses its ability to heal itself.​

Many times this miscommunication in the body is caused by subluxations. A subluxation occurs when vertebrae become misaligned. Misalignment of the vertebrae hinders the communication that normally flows freely through the spinal cord. This blockage is what leads to many of the problems in the human body.​

Denver Colorado Chiropractors are able to realign vertebrae removing these blockages from the body's communication system. When the body is able to communicate properly again, it commences healing itself. This healing process leads to better overall health without any side effects.​

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